Andrew Simser

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About Me

I was born to Richard and Laurie in Watertown, NY on November 10th, 1984. I grew up fishing with my dad on the club that he belongs to near our home in Natural Bridge. I have become a member of this club over the past few years and really enjoy fishing in one of the two ponds as well as hunting the many acres of north country land. Each of the ponds on the club are stacked with Largemouth bass and it is not uncommon to catch 25 or so bass in a day. The larger pond has pulled out bass in the seven pound range and the smaller pond seems to have a max size around 5 pounds. I am currently teaching middle school math in Lowville, NY while my wife finishes up her law degree. I have been fishing tournaments for two summers and plan on continuing to fish the ABA draw trail this summer. I had a tough year in 2009 with onlt one top ten finish. (As a co-angler). I am planning on fishing a BFL and Stren event this summer the try it out on a little bigger stage.  The 2010 season will be here soon and I am excited to try out the different waters and think that I will continue to learn alot fishing once again as a co-angler.